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In it, the archaeologists found large clay bricks with burn marks on it which may have served a ritual purpose.

But they did not find human remains or indications of continuous settlement after the Copper Age – suggesting the site was used intensively for a relatively short period.

The complex of concentric rings may have been used for holding rituals; such earthwork enclosures have previously only been found in the northern half of Europe.

In a Resource Cultures field study, researchers sought information on how the inhabitants of southern Spain dealt with their region’s resources during the Copper Age and what effects that had on society, trade relations and migration in the area.

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It consists of several circular trenches with entrance-like openings at regular intervals.

In the center was a deep, circular hole some 19 meters wide.

Archaeologists have known since the middle of the nineteenth century that today’s Valencina de la Concepción outside Seville was at the heart of an important Copper Age settlement.

In 1860, the Dolmen de la Pastora – a long megalith tomb – was first identified; it was described by archaeologists in 1868.

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Sur-veying the land in August 2015, they found circular earthworks enclosing about six hectares.

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