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For example, when the user types proxy , it's treated the same as if the user typed .

For FTP gateways, such as the TIS FTP gateway, the proxy should be listed with the ftp:// in front of the proxy name.

For example, an FTP gateway for an FTP proxy would have this format: For example, if the address of the proxy server is proxy.example.and the port number is 80, the setting in the Proxy Server box for LAN settings in the Proxy Settings dialog box or the Proxy Settings screen of the Customization wizard should read as follows: Note If you are using the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your proxy server, make sure not to type leading zeros.

For example, use instead of

A proxy bypass entry may begin with a protocol type: https://, ftp://, or gopher://.

If a protocol type is used, the exception entry applies only to requests for that protocol. Multiple entries should be separated by semicolons.

Use a semicolon (;) between entries in the Customization wizard and in the browser.

Selecting the Use the same proxy server for all protocols check box in the browser or the Use the same proxy server for all addresses check box in the Customization wizard makes all the other entries unavailable and copies the proxy information in the HTTP setting into the other protocol settings.

Selecting the check box also hides the information in the Socks setting.

A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet.

It is most frequently used when there is a corporate intranet and users are connected to a LAN.

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Click the Connections tab, and then click LAN Settings .

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