Dating my third cousin xfactor dating

Dating my third cousin

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If you take it up a notch, to three generations, each great-grandchild could have 900 second cousins on each side of their family.North Carolina permits 'first' cousins to marry, unless they are "double first cousins" (cousins through more than one genetic line--like if both your mothers AND fathers were related, in your family history), so, being third cousins, you are permitted to marry.The major legalities and rules governing these situations is to prevent genetic defects, if the couple should decide to have children; since this is irrelevant to your particular situation, you can proceed as you wish. If that happened two generations in a row, one couple could have 8 - 12 children who married and produced 8 - 12 children in turn, giving the original couple 64 - 144 grandchildren.Just to make my example easy, say the couple had 10 children who had 10 children each, for 100 grandchildren.

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