Intelegent dating

Intelegent dating

The guy doesn't quite know what's happening, except that the very trait that made him attractive in the first place is now causing tension.Let's say you're a CEO (or doctor, or lawyer, or some other authority figure).She wants to be able to hold a stimulating conversation with her partner and to know that he's at least equal to her (if not better) in this department.However, once a relationship with Mr Smartypants is under foot, often she unconsciously starts to compare and compete with him.Useful advice is about something Now I've been running and attending young alumni events for Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, MIT, Columbia, Duke, Swarthmore, Penn, Cornell, Berkeley, Brown, Dartmouth, Oxford, Cambridge and similar well-regarded institutions for a while.A smart woman wants to date a smart man, since men less intelligent than her frankly bore her to tears.Because, as fabulous as these ladies are, all of their failed relationships have one thing in common: themselves.

Occasionally, you have to cut them short and redirect their focus to what's important, or argue to make your point in a pivotal meeting. Here's the key point to remember: when you're on a date with a guy, you're no longer at work.

So if you unconsciously keep on doing those things that make you so effective at the office, you may end up alienating him - especially if he's So let's not leave it to chance, shall we? Give him at least as much time and energy as your spreadsheet, term paper, chihuahua or Facebook page.

A smart guy knows exactly where he is on your priority list, and if it's too low, he Smart women can sometimes get really excited over a guy's resume, especially when he's gone to the right schools and held the right jobs. "Newsflash from the cosmos: masculine things gravitate towards feminine things. guys) in your life, then cultivate your feminine energy.

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