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Phoenicia maintained an uneasy tributary relationship with the neo-Assyrian and neo-Babylonian empires during the 9th to 6th centuries BC.

After the gradual decline of their strength, the Phoenician city-states on the Lebanese coast were conquered outright in 539 BCE by Achaemenid Persia under Cyrus the Great, who organized it as a satrapy (though many Phoenician colonies continued their independent existence - most notably Carthage.) The Persians forced some of the population to migrate to Carthage, which remained a powerful nation until the Second Punic War.

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The ancient Phoenicians set sail and colonized overseas.

Their most famous colonies were Cadiz in today’s Spain and Carthage in today’s Tunisia.

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He conquered what is now Lebanon and other nearby regions in 332 BCE.

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The history of Lebanon covers the history of the modern Republic of Lebanon and the earlier emergence of Greater Lebanon under the French Mandate for Syria and Lebanon, as well as the previous history of the region, covered by the modern state.

Phoenicia was a cosmopolitan centre for many nations and cultures.

Its people roamed the Mediterranean seas, skilled in trade and in art, and founded trading colonies.

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It is believed to be one of the earliest known sites containing Upper Paleolithic technologies.

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