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Finally, it has to be said that people do tend to have the point of view that there are cultural differences between the two, but in actual fact this is not actually the case; however, how both approaches are viewed can be different.It is perhaps true that in certain cultures and countries the idea of having more than one wife would not cause a stir and indeed it is common practice, but the idea of having more than one relationship is one that may indeed be frowned upon.It is also generally true that polygamy has a tendency to last longer like normal marriages, but with polyamory it is more about the moment and living in it and this means it may last for weeks, months or even years depending on the people involved which is similar to swinger couples or open relationships.The term "till death do us part" certainly only applies to one and over a lifetime the person involved in a polyamorous relationship can have a number of partners whereas the polygamist tends to be limited to only a few.(This assumes a lot of things, like anti-polygamy laws being struck down).Mardell has consistently stated that she would not like polygamy, but that if it had to be done, she thinks that she would be able to tolerate it.

What follows are some of the main ones and the hope is that by the end of it you will have a far better understanding about not only the terms, but also the lifestyles associated with the terms. First, the term polygamy basically means "many marriages" but it can also relate to having a number of relationships where there is a sense of having some kind of spousal commitment to a number of people at the one time.It is also worth pointing out that whilst polygamy is often linked to religion, the same cannot be said about polyamory.Another difference between the two is that polygamy does tend to only refer to the act of a man having more than one wife and it is, therefore, based on gender.This is a term that is perhaps used most when people are talking about the Mormon faith or Islam where a man is able to have a number of wives at any given time and it is this aspect of a number of marriages that makes it different to polymory.In both of these religions there will, therefore, be religious doctrine that discusses it in detail whereas with polyamory this is certainly not the case.

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There is also the idea that even in countries or cultures where polygamy is not allowed that there is a better understanding of it whereas the same cannot be said about multiple relationships at the one time.

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