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What You Offer an Older Woman First, let’s talk about what you offer an older woman: Of course, the most important thing that you offer an older woman is you.

Who you are, what your passions are and all the things that go into making you yourself.

“As a dude, I’m told that I’m supposed to date girls my own age and take care of them, pay for dinner, and so on.

But for that period of time, the roles were reversed. And it felt great—who doesn’t want to be taken care of?

Still, I meet tons of guys who want to know how to meet older women.

The reasons vary from person to person, but one thing is certain: While the media is kind of over the “cougar” phenomenon, I’m meeting more and more guys who are asking me how they can date older women.

Then go on ten first dates with women under the age of 27.

You think the other gender wants exactly what you want. When men email pictures of their genitalia to women thinking “Oh yeah, that’ll turn her on,” that’s gender myopia. By the way…a simple question: Would you rather date a woman with no money who expects you to pay for the entire cost of an expensive date, or a woman who makes decent money who expects the same? And whereas younger women are putting you through the paces to see if you can provide her with a life, an identity, and a future, an older woman already knows who she is and what she wants to do—she’d just love someone to share it with.

When women brag on their online profiles about how “sassy” they are and their college degrees, that’s also gender myopia. Of course the best woman is one who want you to pay for the date at all because she’s truly independent, but if you had to pick between one of the two above women, which of them would probably make a better long-term girlfriend? Younger women put men through these “paces” but older women don’t? Has this woman ever been on a first date with a woman over 33?

Go on ten first dates with ten women over the age of 33.

If she hasn’t tried it herself, she’s likely considered it. Try to get your 38 year-old wife or girlfriend into a threesome with you and another woman. Then once you break up with her and get a 24 year-old girlfriend, try to get The exact opposite of reality.

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In both cases, they’re doing what would turn the other gender rather than attracting them. She just said that because she has money, you should by her a nice dinner and should not expect her to kick in for the cost. Did she forget that just 20 seconds ago she told men to buy older women expensive dinners?

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